AscendWP marks 1 Year Anniversary

Today makes it a year that I officially launched AscendWP In the last 12 months We have worked with clients in 6 countries, Helped agency owners double/triple their profits on web projects. Helped them save hours and free up time to work on things they love. Gotten tons of good comments, reviews about our service. […]

AscendWP: The Year 2020 in Review

I’m writing this to reflect on the year 2020 which was a challenging but interesting year for business.  Sometimes you don’t know how far you have come or how hard you have worked until you reflect. Despite the challenges 2020 brought our way the business has made some progress and I’m proud of the efforts […]

How to Deal with Anxiety as an Agency Owner

Running an agency or any business can be hard and mentally tasking sometimes. Worry and anxiety are some feelings business owners struggle with. I have a mindset that helps me stay sane and avoid worrying too much. 10 years ago I read a book by Steven Covey titled The 7 habits of effective people. He […]

3 Business Lessons from The Founder Movie

The Founder Movie

I recently watched The Founder, a 2016 movie about the story of the American fast food company McDonald’s; the founder brothers, how salesman Ray Kroc came into the picture, made the franchise popular and later took ownership of the company. It’s probably one of the best business movies you will ever see. I had seen […]

5 Tools for Tracking Your Subscriptions

I recently made a post of a meme on The Admin Bar community (a community of agency owners and WordPress enthusiasts on Facebook), the meme was about canceling free trials before they charge you, and it seemed to resonate with a quite a number of TAB members. Image credit: @dudewithsign (Instagram) The reality is that […]

What is Whitelabel Website Design? [Question of the Week]

We are excited to launch a new series called Question of the week where we take and provide answers to questions from people such as friends or clients who are interested in anything AscendWP. The questions could be about anything ranging from our services, our culture, how our company is run, managing projects, to random stuffs […]

Website Design Questionnaire [Free PDF Download]

A website design questionnaire is a document consisting of series of questions which is used to gather information from the client before working on website projects. It’s important for the digital agency/developer to ask the client as many questions as possible. Asking relevant questions helps you to understand the business, the client’s requirement and expectations. […]

8 Golden Rules for building the agency of your dreams

digital agency golden rules

Few weeks ago I asked in a Facebook group of very experienced agency owners of what advice they would give their younger selves; knowing what they know now. The comments I got were some gems that are very valuable for any agency owner, new or experienced. These tips are gold and have been very useful […]

Joshua Giuliani on how to adapt your business to the new normal and grow

In the second part of our #thriveinacrisis series we feature Joshua Giuliani. Joshua is an agency growth consultant based in Australia with years of experience in sales and running an agency. With clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and several countries in the World, he is dedicated to educating and helping service-based entrepreneurs across the […]

6 features your agency website should have to make it convert better

agency website

Digital agencies are sometimes too busy helping other businesses market their services and neglect to pay enough attention to their own websites. It’s important to put some more effort into marketing your agency; having a website that grabs attention and makes your brand stand out will be very helpful. Here are 6 features your agency […]